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Eric Stapelfeldt started Davest Trading 54 (MANUFACTURING MULTI TRANSQUIP PRODUCTS) during February 2003 together with Helen Stapelfeldt and a staff content of 8 employees. Presently 15 employees. The entity is 100% black owned and managed and is also registered with the Department of Transport as Builders with the MIB No. Z020972910027.


We have in our own business been fortunate enough to be non-dependant on empowerment policies. We have however taken a conscience decision to use PDI suppliers wherever possible. This decision is shown in the following:


Sher Steel - Steel supplier contributing to 60% of our steel supplies.

Gemini Bolt - Nuts, bolts and sundries.


We have managed to make a rather remarkable impact in the market. Over the past 8 years (although Eric has 30+ years in the industry), we have had Magnis Pretoria (Imperial Group), Sandown Comm. Vehicles and other dealerships amongst our major clients.


Over the years we have tried to assist small black entrepreneurs in various ways. These include building equipment (e.g. tippers) and being paid over an extended amount of time and assisting pilot projects that have been rejected by established financial institutions



Future Projection

For the future we would like to see a situation in which we could assist others on a much larger scale. The thinking there, is that we could lend our support and knowledge in forming Provincial co-ops in the Eastern Cape, Free State, Mpumalanga and the Northern Province. These co-ops would be used as centres for skill transfer and job creation. They would work similar to the state workshops of the past and would now be representative of the local communities. Davest Trading 54 would retain a stake in the co-ops with local business and Government development programmes contributing to initial start up and running costs. The value behind this is that Government will be the primary customer to whom vehicle bodies will be built.

This is where we would like to see empowerment going in our industry

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